This is why investors love investing in Australia

What is the first thing comes to mind when you hear about Australia? Kangaroo? Boat surfing or delicious seafood? All investors have a different thought: a prosperous land.

For a long time, Australia has been the destination for investors from all over the world. And this is 7 reasons why investors love Australia:

A strong economy and sustainable politics

Australia is one of the top ten most developed countries in the world. The GDP of the country has a stable growth of 2.5 to 3 percent. The politics and society of Australia are not much volatile. Melbourn and Sydney are always in the list of most worth-living cities in the world.

Low vacancy rate

The properties of Australia are attractive due to its price and a high percentage of products being filled. The rate of empty products is as low as 1.3%.

High safety, transparent planning, and legal information, long-term ownership, and high-profit potential.

High demand for renting a property

Renting has become a trend in Australia. Most renters are young and busy people.

With the rapid increase of foreign students and immigrants, the demand for renting has increased significantly in recent years.

Australian are willing to pay

Well, Australia is well-known for its high living standards. This means people who live here are willing to pay more for higher quality property. Investors can spend more to improve the quality and get the better agreement in return.

Government policy to attract investment

The Australian Government is also increasingly opening policies to encourage capital investments in real estate and especially apply to foreign nationals.

Many open policies create a potential investment environment for investors. Australian investment – 188 visas are gaining interest, understanding, and selection by Australian businessmen as a way to settle in Australia for the whole family.

Modern Tax system

Australia is one of the countries with significant tax incentives such as:

  • Tax incentives for scientific and technological research and development work.
  • Reduce capital costs for the petroleum and mineral exploitation industries.
  • Tax incentives for small and medium businesses Good infrastructure

Good infrastructure

Australia has a number of port cities strategically located by a well-functioning road and rail transport network with efficient and well-managed supply chains that meet development needs. business.

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