As a member of Dat Xanh Mien Bac, Dat Xanh Indochine was established with the ambition to extend our expertise into global market. We aims to provide comprehensive services for clients from all over the world who have strong intention to invest in and own properties in Vietnam as well as the local residents having a tendency to buy overseas estates. 

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As Dat Xanh Indochine are authorised by property owners, our Leasing services are customized based on client’s demand and budget. We offer a wide array of options for clients in size (from 100m2 to 10000m2) and office classification (A,B,C). Our clients will be supported by our specialists with the process of negotiating and signing contract for best trading conditions and legal protection.


Plus, we advise and supply the optimal apartments for leasing for both middle term and long- term purpose according with client’s demand. With our professional and experienced teams, we can distribute such as middle-class or luxury apartments, apartments with choices of bedrooms, apartments with basic furniture or full furniture, etc. We promise to fulfil customers’ experience with our properties. We also actively perform our services to support on commercial floors for showrooms, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, cinemas, hotels, schools, factories, etc.



The rapid growth of the economy has made Vietnam one of the most flourishing real estate market in South East Asian. Clients from English-speaking countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand create a potential segment for Dat Xanh Indochine.


In addition, being nearby and sharing similar cultural patterns, Vietnam attracts many investors from China. It is stated on South China Morning Post newspaper that 25% of total transactions for properties in Vietnam in 2017 belonged to those coming from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, which shows an increase of 4% compared to that in the previous year.


Furthermore, there are more and more Japanese experts and labors coming to Vietnam for long-term residence due to the rapid increase of Foreign Direct Investment, especially in cash. As a result, to satisfy the expectations of Japanese perfectionism, Dat Xanh Indochine expands the capacity and performs our services covering all locations including big cities, industrial areas, factories where potentially have more Japanese customers.


In response to the growing demand, Dat Xanh Indochine recruits a selling team of fluent English, Chinese and Japanese specialists to assist customers, ensuring diverse properties to fit any requirement. We are confident on bringing about better investment, potential profits and added values.

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